Carl Gustav Jung – Man and his Symbols (19xx)

Carl Gustav Jung – The Psychology of Kundalini Yoga (1932)


Carl Jung – Crystalinks

high prietess artwork

My three archetypes; the beginning phase of self-mastery.

1. The fool, the center as well as the circumference, zero, beige

2.The High Priestess, Luna, double-dueled, the flux of all reflux

3. Mandala, Exactness, Time, Infinite, Balanced, Serendipity, the place where all the secrets happen


The kingfisher or halcyon; the primal fire or the beast that resides within.

The symbol that represents Carl G. Jung in my mind. The halcyon days or the

calm, quiet days that allow creation and life to cycle with the currents and winds.

The one week out of a year that guarantees this exactness. Stability, faith, love, and

the divine forces outside of our control. The Paradoxes of our time.


This is my pen art. It results from a trance like automation

that allows my unconscious being to peek through just enough so that I may

begin the beginning phases that will break upon my central reality.

My pen art
My pen art

Another one of my automated pen art drawings


Pen art….get the idea that I am completely on idol when this happening; not a

single thinking thought slips through my consciously aware mind


My form of a mandala; pen art


Pen art inspired by Jungian concepts of freeing the ego-shadow from the

entrapments of the living mind

trance 2013



  1. The Theory of Archetypes was a life saviour for me as 24yr old man, every school should teach it I was lost until then.
    I like the reflection this has on the Tarot, embedded in the Classics I studied, and the instructive oral tradition, the need we have for informative song and recreation; mmm.
    Aside ~ it was strange was given a deck, and still have it, by an old lady one day..
    Serendipity you are an inspiration, thank you humbly.


  2. Dear edr,
    i remember being very irritated at Jung, reading him early in my reading life say, “i never was attached to any individual.” it seems so cold.

    Now, after a lot of Buddhist influence, i come back and read attachment differently, read it as “wanting to control” or needing someone in a certainway irrespective of what happens in a relationship.

    Now, i think i can listenand align with others better, pay attention and notice without being attached. Laugh more, cry more, worry less. Not sure. ….. and you? you give life to the concept of letting go of ego and letting art… or letting flow….Thank you.


    1. Jung has been my muse for years now…every time I read one of his books I am inspired and refreshed. He had a god-mark that somehow transformed stories and words into simple truths.


  3. Had to return to read YOU again…love your snapshot of the halcyon bird and the fact “The halcyon days or the calm, quiet days that allow creation and life to cycle with the currents and winds.The one week out of a year that guarantees this exactness. Stability, faith, love…” how AMAZING is that! I am sharing you on my FB page here in WI.


  4. When I look at the drawings I see things moving in them. Not physically, but energy. They are ….strong and individual. I would love to see the originals.


  5. Your pen art is amazing. I have started getting into Jungian Psychology lately and I find it fascinating as well as a deeper level of personal healing. Keep up the art!


    1. Carl Jung was a genius! His theories and publication on the psyche and symbology have truly changed my perception on so many things. He is my muse…my teacher, my animus!

      And thank you dearly for the kind words of my pen art. It’s just a little hobby I have come to love.


    1. Hello again,
      I have been reading more about Jung, and I thought of your blog. I would love to have you as a guest blogger! I would like to feature a post from you about your journey with your interest in Jung and highlight some of your pen art! let me know your thoughts. You can respond here or email me at I would love to dialogue some ideas with you!

      Thank you!


  6. And the dawn left a surprise for the king fisher…
    A labyrinth for all its demise for each wisher…
    The shadow of the sun walked into the morn…
    Making light become jung before its reborn…


  7. I came to say thank you for reading my palm fatherhood. I stayed to enjoy a lot of your writing all the posts on quotes about time, your pen drawings and comments about Carl Jung. I alwas love it when I can say I got better than I gave. The view is beautiful but the conversation is what stays with my heart.


    1. Poetry is a beautiful thing that is HIGHLY under-rated so I do appreciate and treasure a good read when I come across one….keep up your writing and stay close to your heart.


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