Quotes by ‘Hannibal’ Writer

“I think it’s easy to mistake understanding for empathy – we want empathy so badly. Maybe learning to make that distinction is part of growing up. It’s hard and ugly to know somebody can understand you without even liking you.”
— Thomas Harris, Hannibal


2 thoughts on “Quotes by ‘Hannibal’ Writer

  1. I’m not really a fan of empathy. I think it is basically self-serving and perpetuates the circle of suffering. We could use a better understanding of what is meant by witnessing, empathy, compassion, sympathy… they are all so different. In empathy I think there is generally an emotional entanglement….a reaction to the suffering of another which reminds one of their own suffering….conscious or not. Of course it’s up to the person whether to acknowledge this and grow from this recognition but it’s very easy to rub salt in the wound.


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