Carl Jung on “Solitude.” [Anthology]

Gathered are some less commonly read quotes by Carl Jung. I highly recommend all of my followers to stroll through them and really enjoy his rare genius:)


4 thoughts on “Carl Jung on “Solitude.” [Anthology]

  1. Something to add (I may blog on this in the near) is that Jung’s synchronicity theory has been repackaged and is gaining scientific traction. It’s Orch OR. It’s different, focuses on consciousness, not causality. But it’s in there.

    I’m a big supporter of Jung by personal experience.


      1. I was the opposite, I wasn’t fond. Until… I was plagued by strange dreams over a span of time during a personal crisis. The last one had this woman in it, I didn’t know what to make of it. I said to a friend “she was like some spirit guide or something” which cued a friend to say “read into Carl Jung, you sound just like him”. She, in the dream, actually laid out the foundation premise of Jungian analysis and I couldn’t deny it after that.
        It was specifically the inferiority complex/anima of others being part of the others persona and to know personal attacks on me were not about me, but this in them. It was very bizarre. Really, I just misinterpreted what he was saying, mostly from 3rd party interpretations. He is absolutely brilliant.

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      2. I am also a Jung fan. I wrote extensively on Synchronicity in my doctoral thesis. I bring many of his theories to the work I do with children and especially, to developing the underlying psychology for my children’s stories.

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