Emily O’Neill, ‘BORN TO DIE REDUX _after Lana Del Ray’

Emily O’Neill is a poet that I recently found and she is now among the top 10 poets of 2014, in my opinion. Read her and see for your self!

Serendipity Point

Scan 1-011

_after Lana Del Ray

Let’s go get sad. Cry the road wild.

Get down pouring rain blind, Montana

black as a doorjambed finger. Let’s choose
our last bad man at the next truck stop,

twist him like stem from cherry before the pie,
tear him from skin like a Band Aid.

The mountains are fallen women like we are.
I pray they keep me shameless. I know your wife

& she tastes like Pepsi-Cola. You left when she went
flat as North Dakota, when the radio ground its teeth

so hard the molars cracked. Your pretty baby is me
a decade younger, asleep in an American flag.

Our mothers forgot how to pray us good again. We grew up
scorched, are the same black smoke, burnt as the Badlands.

Last I heard my coast say come home I kept driving.
The horizon’s a donkey when it…

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