“How many colors are there in a field of grass to the crawling baby unaware of “green”
― Stan Brakhag

glowworms upgraded
retiring vintage luminous yellow
introducing ultaviolets calmness  
sprayed on blue particles
for the afterglowing hours
follow newest commutes
streetlights no longer wired tight
in lines of electric taped entrapments
starpath now emits life and even 
sidewalks with neoplasm  technology
nano sized balls dusting with a sun
that carry pieces of starry dust
in their pockets and runs
ovate through their newest blood
in no need of replacements parts
to shine and illuminate the darkened half
leaving a portal open for nightly fondness
always a safely lite place to pass
welcome to the 21st century
with latest drivng maps 
no more night blindness 
to report as a certain Class
just cloud-like spatters infuzed 
with highly energized rays of captured blues
sun absorbant orbs plump-up
retaining dawn’s youth
*STARPATH is a real substance discovered in Oct. of 2013 that is projected to become the next abundantly used source of light for streets and sidewalks and parking lots. No electricity needed for this light source to work. For further info go to

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