Say When

My Animus' atlas

ART BY: Emiy D. Robbins, “My Animus’ Atlas’ 2014♠

“I have things in my head that are not like what anyone taught me — shapes and ideas so near to me,so natural to my way of being and thinking.” 
― Georgia O’Keeffe
Say When

I live life quietly
not so much awaiting a turn or
wanting a miracle
but more like the eternal
organs beat and push and scream
synchronizing a current that is
oddly as still as vastness engulfs
absorbance of high time 

I am not distinguished
or even close to any narcissist
of modern day nows
I would be the one laughed upon
looked down with a clever slanty eye
the one quietly obese with a heavy voice
not quite ready to pass the nasty
rags, pits, and muddy trenches
of the mastery of vocal cords
but plainly-painfully aware

nothing I have is worth possessing

that nothing I possess is of me
Yet I still have this secret
I have no idea to what means it reaches
nor do I know of it’s orgins
as I drift in a soften-spotted skull
asking if skipping legs 

just hit the awfully young

maybe even before time

but what I have come to graciously invite

is a moment when simplicity accepts

as dementia steals all motive and way
and it’s stuck in motion looking queer
lacking deeply under a thing not yet
and in that exact instantance
all collides and life chants a hymn
and dances in obsidian stained wells
just where those ‘five’ cannot scuff up
there fortunate life at my soul’s heels
so in this very exactness I can begin 

We are anthill men upon an anthill world.”  Ray Bradbury

Tree of DreAMS and Lifes

ART BY Emily D. Robbins, “Tree of Dreams and Lifes”




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