Life is for eac…



    ALife is for each man a solitary cell whose walls are mirrors.
  – – – Eugene O’Neill

Life is made up of marble and mud.
– – – Nathaniel Hawthorne


“Now I am here – now read me – give me a name.”
― Carl Sandburg


I was born to catch dragons in their dens

And pick flowers
To tell tales and laugh away the morning
To drift and dream like a lazy stream
And walk barefoot across sunshine days.
– – – – James Kavanaugh “Sunshine Days and Foggy Nights”

thor lindeneg surrealism

“You overrate my capacity of love.
I don’t posess half the warmth
 of nature you believe me to have.
An unprotected childhood in a cold world
has beaten gentleness out of me.”
“People like to warn you that by
the time you reach the middle
of your life, passion will begin
to feel like a meal eaten long
ago, which you remember
with great tenderness.”
― Meg WolitzerThe Uncoupling

3 thoughts on “Life is for eac…

  1. I sent you a post after you gave a like to “fatherhood”. My phone said so
    Etching about an error when I sent it so I don’t know if you got it. If you didnt’t, it was about having read your blog and liking the quotes and Jung.


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