….I dream of a lost vocabulary that might express some ofwhat we no longer can.  -Jack Gilbert, Refusing Heave


Burnt up calicoes
A mint troy ounce
Sheffield tarnished
to a sooty obsidian
deep film concealing
a hallmark shape
Vagueness blures
an infants rattler
into transmutations
of precious giggles
inside the limits
of my heads
a baby toy shines…


4 thoughts on “INGOTS OF SILVER

  1. I’ve had this lifelong obsession with silver coins and especially enjoy toned ones and magnifying the details and seeking out tiny imperfections, a hobby I’d like to enjoy someday again and that haunts my dreams.


    1. What a sychronicity….I have an obsession with coins as well! Especially Saint-Gaudens $20 gold double eagles!!
      But, I am right there with you when it comes to the magnifing glass and the hours upon hours of studying it’s every curve, line, imperfection along with it’s unique tone and gloss….lol. I guess I am REALLY attracted to gold and silver. Werid, huh, I have no reason why I should be
      I own the 1908S double eagle. I am addicted to it’s beauty. I really should sell it since I’m perfectly poor but I would miss it horribly!


      1. I haven’t sent it off for certification. I have had it since I was 18. I didn’t even know if it was real gold or even valuable when it was given to me, lol! But its beautiful and quite smaller than most people assume…


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