Liber Spiritus


“It is easy to see the glow but hard to
recognize the awakening of silence.”  -Dejan Stojanvoni

Liber Spiritus

The making made by the maker’s forgotten make

Lost squalls and ink wells backdrop into humming nudes

Notarizing with liber spititus aches

An invisible in and out frequency wave

That crushes a lean and lank space

To translate gravity’s bigness as paired blueprints of

blackened-out divinity skipping a fade

To formulate documents so life can Babel and bib

An alchemic base-mate in a cyclonic wheeling wind

So one can mimic perfection of Nature’s airy breath


2 thoughts on “Liber Spiritus

    1. Mr. Ken…come on!!!! You are the skilled one with the creative lines as well as carrying years upon years in a simplified yet sophisticated clarity! You are a poet that I enjoy. I happen to really enjoy good art that sits and talks with me all day. It’s rare but it’s always waitng for eyes and ears to take it in and fold it within my creative process!


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