I Wish You Could Be A Feeling That I Could Push Around

My Pen Art


“I would love to learn, to remember, how to live.” -Anne Dillard

I am able inside of you
seen bitten a bit of me
The line I’ve misplaced
abandoning neglect thunder-bolted down somewhere

Little shakers shaken neat
as a child without a carrier
Being seen where every look shrinks
It slowly mounts a layer deep
Of long battling beat-up pulses

Life faded abuse into malnutrition
I fed it
I clothed it with all smiles
I took that poison in pureness injected
Known a calling called became of a name

I am able inside of you
O, how I wish you could be a feeling that I could push around
I would circle and circle around in slow motion
A lifetime of hope backing its way through
I am encircled inside of you

My pen art
My pen art

5 thoughts on “I Wish You Could Be A Feeling That I Could Push Around

    1. The best way to describe poetry is by always remaining in the style of poetry that is exclusively written by the poets paired hands so the explanations stay as far away from the judgements of elite critics as the notion that a poet could actually explain with rationality the full meaning of his or her poetry…leaving behind a thick swelling vestige that stinks of hedonistic neurosis sprayed with strangled nostalgia and then made to pretend to the world that the poem is understood by the back to back formations of words….So on that poetical note I shall leave you with a master’s words.

      He knew that hair couldn’t feel; he kissed her hair.
      ― Leonard Cohen, The Favorite Game


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