How Poets Sense

How Poets Sense

‘I have no collective feelings. No one will ever catch sight of me in a crowd.’
~Wislawa Szymborska


4 thoughts on “How Poets Sense

  1. You know how it is with dualities…the yin yang, yes no, etc. I love this quote and relate to it in every sense but am driven to be inclusive…to look at it from, not just both sides, but from all sides. It’s my experience that being a poet is self defense in a way. I have access to all collective feelings. So who am I in all of this? And yes, you will rarely catch site of me in a crowd.


  2. as an ex painter, lifetime observer and perpetual corner dweller…no, you will never catch me in a crowd. though i am a collector of all feelings, an emotional sponge and writing expresses those feelings better than my paint ever could.

    the artwork throughout your blog is a feast for eyes.


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