A reblog from a poet that I believe all of you will really enjoy!

Poets for Living Waters


Ingratitude after all I have done for them ingratitude
is the term that springs to mind

yet I continue to generate
abundance which they continue to waste

they expect me to go on giving forever
they don’t believe anything I say

with my wet green windy
hot mouth



It used to be
I would fall to the floor and press my forehead to it
in moments of despair

I would say help me
help me

but listen
I am ok
though I just now found myself pressing my forehead
to the carpet of my stairs

about the waters in the flooded cities
poisoned by oil spill, chemicals, the dead
about the survivors forever traumatized
dear god
I am alive I am alive

help them

–Alicia Ostriker



Let me quote from the great 1st century Rabbi Hillel: If I am not for myself…

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