I Wish You Could Be A Feeling That I Could Push Around


“I would love to learn, to remember, how to live.” -Anne Dillard



I am able inside of you
seen bitten a bit of me
The line I’ve misplaced
abandoning neglect thunder-bolted down somewhere

Little shakers shaken neat
as a child without a carrier
Being seen where every look shrinks
It slowly mounts a layer deep
Of long battling beat-up pulses

Life faded abuse into malnutrition
I fed it
I clothed it with all smiles
I took that poison in pureness injected
Known a calling called became of a name

I am able inside of you
O, how I wish you could be a feeling that I could push around
I would circle and circle around in slow motion
A lifetime of hope backing its way through
I am encircled inside of you

 By: Emily Robbins

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