By: Mary…

By: Maryam Ala Amjadi,’The Echo of the Void’

cover maryam amjadi

The Echo of the Void

In a room
that is spacious enough for me and my solitude
I sit down to smoke my soul
before a wall
that dances the shadow of my vapor
to me

There is no coffee in my mug
No black craving of dominance
over the white hearted cream

My cup of faith
is empty to its brim

and the desire
for the chair in front of me has gone cold

My mind is this blue ashtray
with wrinkled memory butts
that I have to clarify every now and then

Only an illegitimate thought
could become the savior of this world

Sounds and voices
are the warp and weft of the empty basket
that my shadow will carry out of this room

This is a selected poem in a whole collection by an award winning International Voices Poet. This poem was hand-picked by me and I believe it embodies the collectiveness of our generation.


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